Contemporary Demi-fine jewelry brand handcrafted in Florence
Expand your jewelry box with modern designs made with traditional techniques
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How it works


Support to traditional italian jewelry artisans & use of natural precious metals and stones
From the hands of our goldsmiths directly to your jewelry box


For every product you purchase weplant a tree

A new tree

Your stories
framed in jewelry

Your stories framed in jewerly

Eloise is a demi fine jewelry brand which reinterprets the art of traditional handcrafted jewelry. Together with our Florentine goldsmiths, we create unique pieces with a dynamic and contemporary design using the most vivid natural real gemstones. 

The Eloise approach to design and production guarantees that each jewel is full of individuality, or as we like to call it, Perfectly Imperfect, where tiny flecks are considered points of distinction, an expression of the beauty of manual work.

Product characteristics

Our jewelry is inspired by the emotions stirred by the elements of nature, memories of travel and encounters with different cultures.

Made of 925 Sterling silver.

Extra thick and durable 18K gold plating of
3 microns, higher than most plated jewels in the market.

Signature hand brushed matte yellow gold finish, a quintessential symbol of refinement.

Real natural precious and colored gemstones handpicked and handset.

Eloise commitments

Eloise has a Transparent Essence, prioritizing artisanal developing and manufacturing processes.

We work with small goldsmiths in Florence to guarantee the expertise and authenticity of Made in Italy. Jewelry with the purpose to preserve Italian craftsmanship.

Each jewel is meant to be a true Memory Keeper, a keepsake of the moments of joy in life and a way to tell your own unique story.

Enjoy life as it is, Perfectly Imperfect.
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